Our drivers have performed very successfully in the MAN League

J.S. Logistics performed very successfully in the last competition of the #MAN League. Two of the three drivers achieved the highest possible score. The third driver just missed the 100%.

“Since the establishment of our company, we have placed great emphasis on the training of our drivers. We were the first in Hungary to complete the MAN #ProfiDrive training. We and our drivers find the practical part of the training particularly valuable. The MAN League competition raises drivers’ awareness of economical driving. The participants in the competition were chosen by me. The competition has brought them even closer together as a team,” says Emese Bujtás-Kiss, Managing Director of J.S. Logistics Kft.

“I always strive to drive very efficiently. The tasks of the competition were very demanding. I wanted to see how well we would do in the competition. I knew a good result would also give the company a good reputation. I am proud that we achieved the highest possible result,” says driver Árpád Bedi.

“I gladly accepted the invitation to participate. I have already participated in several competitions for truck drivers, but the MAN League was different. This is a competition that judges our daily way of working. I congratulate all the participants who significantly improved their performance during the competition,” says driver András Könczöl.

“Since I have only been driving trucks for one and a half years, it was a great honor for me that the management chose me for the competition. I did my job as usual, but paid even closer attention to my driving. It’s often not easy to optimize your driving to the maximum in heavy traffic,” says Zoltán Suszter, driver.

Congratulations: Our drivers were very successful in the MAN League.

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