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An Overview of Our Logistics Services:

We are flexible so that we can meet even the most exacting client’s wishes: Whether you’re transporting an FTL (full truck load) or need a smaller amount of freight space (LTL= less than truck load), we make sure that your goods arrive reliably and on time, even if you can only give us short notice. What’s more, we cover all of Europe.

Transporting dangerous goods presents a special set of challenges, in terms of both personnel and technology. This is all regulated by the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). We ensure that we comply with the provisions of the ADR to the letter. For you, this means that: You can rely on our specially trained staff, specially equipped vehicles and adapted load securing. 

Our byword is “specially trained”: Our commercial and industrial employees hone their expertise in regular training sessions. All of our drivers are licensed with a valid ADR licence, which we also check with daily inspections. Naturally, subcontractors are also subject to our inspection procedures. 

Furthermore, we have hired independent assessors from 2008 onwards to check that we are complying with the CEFIC Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability (SQAS) The results of the assessment are published on the CEFIC website. Overview of our Transport of Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods ClassExplanation
2.1, 2.2, 2.3Flammable gases, non-flammable non-toxic gases, toxic gases
3Flammable liquids
4.1, 4.2, 4.3Flammable solid substances, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, and substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
5.1, 5.2Oxidising substances, organic peroxides
6.1, 6.2Toxic substances, infectious substances
8Corrosive substances

We’re a safe pair of hands when it comes to handling temperature-sensitive goods, with our excellent facilities including vehicle equipment and staff. We can provide you with the best equipment for the job, wherever you are and wherever you’re headed in Europe. Our thermo-trailers are fitted with the latest technology, with active or passive cooling systems and validated temperature monitoring for transportation between temperatures of -20°C to + 25°C. Ask for a quote customized to your requirements.

Deliver directly to production and avoid warehousing and other additional work and expenditure – our Just-in-Time transportation solution enables you to offer your clients added benefits and increases added value.

Our Just-in-Sequence transportation service enables you to supply the requested goods, in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right order for production processes and further processing. We optimize your processes and your client’s processes with our reliable, precisely quantified and punctual deliveries, whilst keeping your transportation costs as low as possible.

You, too, can be prepared for the unexpected: We are always on standby so that you can rely on us in exceptional cases, and spring into action immediately and with flexibility. It doesn’t matter whether you need us instantly, a personalized service or something really unusual – we can do it all. We are contactable round the clock for express, emergency or courier transportation.

We can get to your clients, no matter what corner of the globe they are located in. To achieve this, we work with partners all over the world that can meet our demanding specifications in terms of reliability, punctuality and safety. This applies for both air freight and sea transportation.

As your customs agent, we can offer you privileged customs clearance. We are connected to the automated ATLAS customs clearance system. Declarations, bills of entry and customs advice have all been part of our core activity for many years. In February 2017 the main customs office in Saarbrücken awarded us AEO status for customs simplification.

If logistics processes are not a part of your core business activity, outsourcing may be the way to go for your company. We can handle all control and execution of your logistics process here. We can administrate your depots, including incoming goods, warehousing, consignment and outgoing goods. Speak with us about the opportunities this could offer you.

We work exclusively on the basis of the German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSp 2016). Clause 23 of these Standard Terms and Conditions limits the statutory liability of the freight forwarder for damage to goods according to section 431 of the German Commercial Code (§ 431 HGB) in the amount of 8,33 SDR/kg to Euro 1 million per damage claim or EUR 2 million per damage event or 2 SDR/kg, whichever amount is higher. In case of multimodal transports – including sea transport – the liability is limited to 2SDR (special drawing rights) per kg.

J.S. Logistics: We link you to your markets.

Your clients expect you to deliver the ordered goods on time, safely and reliably. As your logistics partner, we ensure that this objective is completely fulfilled so that you can concentrate fully on your core business.

We demand the highest level of qualifications, complete reliability and substantial experience from our staff and our partners so that we can provide this for you. We have been operating on a national and international level for the past 20 years. This has enabled us to develop our core strength: finding the optimal solution for each individual client, whatever that may be.

A comprehensive range of services is an integral component of this. We offer a personal touch for every project that is entrusted to us. We are also working hard to prepare ourselves for the future by taking steps towards digitalising our processes to provide you with an advantage.

All our technical equipment is state-of-the-art. We pay particular attention to ensuring that our fleet is sustainable and invest in ensuring compliance with the most stringent pollutant standards. Among other elements, we are reducing CO2 emissions in our company and have partnered with BP Target Neutral to take on the challenge of creating a future-proof CO2 management philosophy and taking positive steps to reverse climate change.

Whichever service you select from our portfolio, you can be sure that when you select us, your goods will always be in the best hands.

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