Quality and environmental protection – a lasting connection

As a company that has been active for a long time in the logistics sector, we bear full responsibility for con- serving the environment and using natural resources in a responsible way. We regard all environmental protection measures not as a burden but as a responsible investment in the future.

In the coming years, J.S. Logistics will transport even more goods – above all hazardous materials from the chemicals industry. That’s why for example participating voluntarily in a high-quality inspection system is a logical consequence of this development.

The chemistry's right – playing it safe with SQAS

SQAS is the familiar standard of the European Chemicals Industry Association (CEFIC) and is used to evaluate quality, safety and environmental sustainability among logistics service providers.

Objective assessment by an accredited SQAS assessor sets the standard for optimising our services, increasing transport safety and strengthening our competitive position when it comes to safely transporting chemical goods. You can find the current assessment report for J.S. Logistics published at and on the CEFIC Web site.

VDI 2700 – Securing the load increases transport quality

„Securing the load“ – often underestimated in the logistics sector and yet the cause of dangerous accidents on the road. The right know-how in terms of securing the load creates safety and helps to avoid unnecessary costs. The load securing standard VDI 2700 of TÜV Nord, which has been recognised for many years, forms the basis for this.

In order to ensure that the goods delivered to our customers are always in perfect condition when they arrive at their destination, we invest in regular training for all our staff who are tasked with securing loads.

Together with Schmitz Cargobull AG, our partner company for procuring semi-trailers, bodies and trailers, we guarantee our customers maximum load safety every time.

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