Vehicle fleet

An advanced vehicle fleet – with strength in the detail

An innovative vehicle fleet forms the basis of every reliable logistics concept. Our Group’s state-of-the-art fleet is geared towards meeting the most stringent safety and quality demands. We are convinced that only the full use of advanced technologies can meet these demands – even this involves above-average investments.

Investments in the vehicle fleet are an investment in safety.

There is ever-increasing interaction between vehicles and people in modern intra-logistical processes. In order to optimally shape all work procedures, we invest for example in energy-efficient STILL industrial trucks and use SafetyLight as a helpful visual warning system, among other things to protect our customers and employees.

Although somewhat unusual in our sector, this is nevertheless in line with our corporate philosophy of continuing to directly pursue this strategy.

Our electric forklift fleet

Ergonomical and energy-efficient
Electric forklifts from STILL are the Number One choice wherever an absence of exhaust emissions and noise reduction are of primary importance. STILL electric forklifts are also reliable in operation, durable and very economical. The powerful and durable drive batteries with a high charge storage capacity provide plenty of power for an 8-hour shift.

STILL electric forklifts also offer maximum work safety, comfort and functionality. For example, on the RX 20, RX 60 the driving performance that is freely selectable by the driver sets new standards for electric forklifts.

Electric forklift RX 60 1,6 – 2,0 t

  • Electric braking
  • High driving performance on uneven ground
  • BComfortable ascent and descent
  • Comfortable position when driving

Electric forklift RX 60 2,5 – 3,5 t

  • High driving performance on uneven ground
  • Fail-safe electrical system
  • Longer operation on one battery charge

Electric forklift RX 60 3,5 – 5,0 t

  • More power
  • High efficiency
  • New drive concept
  • Near silent operation
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