Cooperation with BP Target Neutral

Our sustainability strategy

Climate change has been a reality for a long time now, and we are conscious of this fact. As a responsible company, we have therefore sought a solution to reduce our CO2 emissions and minimise the ecological impacts of our fleet. Because we think that logistics full service providers should also take care of the environment.

The cooperation with BP Target Neutral enables us to balance out all of the CO2 emissions caused by the fuel for our fleet with the BP Plus fuel card. BP Target Neutral offers a wide portfolio of independently checked climate protection projects, which reduce CO2 emissions transparently and sustainably. Furthermore, BP Target Neutral projects promote the improvement of local living conditions by e.g. improving air quality, creating jobs or building educational facilities. 
For us, this means in concrete terms that with the BP programme for reducing and balancing out CO2 emissions, CO2 emissions linked to using our vehicles are calculated and balanced out. In fact, every time one of our vehicles fills up at an Aral or BP petrol station and pays with the Aral/BP fuel card. Thus our company’s whole fleet drives CO2 neutral.

The partnership with BP, which has also led to the creation of a common logo, represents a solution for us to control and reduce our carbon footprint without having to limit our operational processes. This therefore has no operational impacts for our customers.

We are pleased to set an environmentally conscious example for our customers regarding CO2 reduction and social responsibility.

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BP Target Neutral helps J.S. Logistics go carbon neutral

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