Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental protection, social commitment and optimised use of economic resources are basic prerequisites for a functioning society and sustainable prosperity. Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept thus aims to put environmental protection, social aspects and economic use of resources in the spotlight and develop strategies to achieve more sustainability in these areas.

Thanks to the introduction of our CSR sustainability management, with improved working conditions, more social commitment within and outside our company, and a sustainable use of resources, we ensure an improvement of the company processes and a positive perception of the company by our customers, business partners and everyone around us.

Environmental protection

BP Target Neutral

The partnership with BP helps us to control and reduce our carbon footprint without having to limit our operations processes.

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We place great importance on renewable energies and have invested in two photovoltaic systems. There are currently two systems in operation.

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Social commitment

DRF German Air Rescue

Germany needs the DRF German Air Rescue so that people can receive help quickly in an emergency.

With donations to the German Air Rescue, JS Logistics has supported the work of the lifesavers for many years.

Support for the digitalisation of the Kirkel primary school

J.S. Logistics has supported the local primary school with a generous donation.

The amount was invested fully in the acquisition of tablets. This is how we support the school’s IT project, where children are introduced from a young age to programming, contact with PCs and the Internet.

With this investment, J.S. Logistics has made their contribution to the regional “digital pact”.

We wish the pupils a lot of enjoyment with their project.

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Our guidelines:

Occupational health and safety

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