Tracking & tracing

Just in time and safe – that's modern tracking & tracing today.

Today, communicating efficiently with our drivers means much more than making simple telephone calls. Telematics is the key word for the modern management solution with which we optimise journeys and are able to contact vehicles and drivers at all times and everywhere.

Keeping an eye on everything even from a distance - with telematics systems

Cloud-based telematics systems help to minimise the amount of coordination work and ensure that deliveries are made punctually. This is how jobs are planned directly on a PC, journeys are put together and all additional information is sent to our drivers at the press of a button.

For example, we know at any time when a vehicle leaves or enters a defined radius around the destination. The recipient can also track the job by entering a dispatch number with all the relevant information. Thanks to telematics, the entire transport process is controlled effectively from door to door and runs like clockwork, including

  • Journey planning & monitoring
  • Job management
  • Europe-wide navigation
  • Bar code scanne
  • Digital signature

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