Mothers working part-time – Interview with Emese Bujtás-Kiss (Managing Director, J.S. Logistics Kft.)

Only a short time ago, Ms. Emese Bujtás-Kiss (Managing Director, J.S. Logistics Kft.) was interviewed by the Hungarian platform Mommy on the subject of “Working mothers in part-time jobs”.

There is a general lack of part-time positions for mothers in Hungary. J.S. Logistics Kft. currently employs 5 mothers in part-time positions with success. Ms. Bujtás-Kiss describes the advantages for the part-time employees: “There is a general lack of workforce in Hungary. Part-time positions are not offered at all in the majority of companies. Many job-seeking mothers, however, have a very good education and high qualifications. They want to work in addition to raising children, but unfortunately they often can’t find a part-time position. A full-time job unfortunately may not mesh with raising children. We give them the possibility of working and using their qualifications. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.”

Naturally, it’s not possible to do completely without full-time workers, but it doesn’t pose a problem to hire a certain number of employees in part-time positions. Ms. Emese Bujtás-Kiss also sees a great advantage in the fact that the employees can later switch to a full time position: “As soon as the children are old enough, the mothers are ready to work more hours per week.”

J.S. Logistics offers its employees a flexible framework and good working conditions. Even during the Covid Crisis we made sure that the employees from disposition and drivers did not have to be let go. Emese Bujtás-Kiss knows: “If our employees are satisfied and happy, their performance is also better.”

The interview with Ms. Bujtás-Kiss in Hungarian can be heard here.

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