J.S. Logistics joins ASTRE DACH and expands European network

The family-owned company J.S. Logistics officially joined the ASTRE DACH logistics network this month. This strategic move promises the Kirkel-based company not only expanded growth opportunities in Europe, but also increased support in its further corporate development.Although J.S. Logistics already has a presence in several European countries, including Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and Hungary, its membership in ASTRE DACH gives the company improved access to local markets. “We see the membership as an opportunity to further drive our growth strategy and expand our presence in key countries such as Germany, France and Spain,” said Regis Gross, managing director of J.S. Logistics.

The ASTRE network, known for its proprietary pallet system and expertise in planning and executing partial and full truckloads, offers direct benefits to J.S. Logistics, particularly for customers in the chemical industry. The company expects significant development and growth opportunities, especially in the areas of dangerous goods transportation and temperature-controlled transport.

Ulf Tonne, Managing Director of ASTRE DACH, emphasized the importance of J.S. Logistics joining the network: “The inclusion of J.S. Logistics brings valuable experience in the chemical, automotive, engineering and consumer goods sectors and lays the foundation for a productive exchange and new perspectives in logistics.”

As a company that was founded in 1997 and today employs more than 450 people at six locations, J.S. Logistics has already proven that it is a major player in the European logistics landscape. Joining the ASTRE DACH network underscores the company’s commitment to further expanding its services and offering its customers the best possible solutions.

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