Far-sighted commitment

The J.S. Logistics Group stands for sustained commitment in a very wide range of fields far beyond the company’s own boundaries.

As a member of the BVL, the logistics network for technical and managerial personnel, J. S. Logistics depends on the transfer of both know-how and experience. For many years, the association has been providing an important impetus for cross-sector and future-oriented concepts for safeguarding the competitiveness of the companies.

Link to the Web site of the association Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) e.V.

Membership of the German forwarding and logistics association (DSLV), the umbrella organisation for freight forwarders in Germany, has also achieved a lasting effect. The association functions as one of the most important interest groups for the transport and logistics sector in both the political and public spheres, as well as being a service-provider and advisory body for some 4000 members. 

Link to the Web site of the association Deutscher Speditions- und Logistikverband e. V.

Being – and also remaining – a family company with regional roots and a traditional understanding of values – that’s what matters to J.S. Logistics. Being a member of the FAMILY COMPANIES interest group is an expression of this position. The association states that it represents the „fundamental values of the social market economy“. 

Link to the Web site of the association DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER – ASU e.V.

The crane, one of the most impressive migratory birds, is the company’s symbol and is a perfect embodiment of the corporate values of J. S. Logistics. Known in Egyptian mythology as the sun bird, the „birds of the gods“ and also the „bird of good luck“ , it has accompanied us symbolically and with success on all our journeys ever since the company was founded. We also want to protect it and its related species in real life and in the long term, which is why we support crane protection in Germany. One of this programme’s aims is to maintain for cranes a secure home for breeding as well as places where they can gather and rest, and also to help towards international crane protection. 

Link to the association’s Web site Fördervereins Biosphäre Schaalsee e.V.

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