Transport of heavy loads from Asia to Europe – easy and reliable with JS Logistics

Just recently, we have transported steel cables for crane systems from South-east Asia to the Netherlands for a Dutch customer.

For all transports – whether by land or by sea – JS Logistics always takes care of all custom formalities and additional tasks, so that our customers can leave the entire process in our hands and their goods and products are securely transported from the country of dispatch to the destination country.

The 35 tonne steel cable rolls were loaded and anchored on 40’ flat rack containers by experts. Then the steel cable rolls were shipped by container ship from the Malaysian port of Pasir Gudang to the destination port of Antwerp. From there, they were transported by our drivers to the final destination of the port of Vlissingen.

Thanks to the exact timing of the delivery time that was coordinated with the crane operator, the defective cable was exchanged immediately and operational readiness of the crane was restored fast.

Through the company’s own fleet with the most modern equipment, JS Logistics can guarantee a seamless process and on-time delivery. So we are well equipped and flexible even in crisis situations.

Asian import services from JS Logistics

  • Monitoring according to customer specifications
  • Booking of the containers in Asia
  • Transport from the arrival port to the customer
  • All customs services
  • Storage of goods before they can be stored in your warehouse (transport-related interim storage)
  • Just-in-time delivery to the end client
  • Complete cost control – no unpleasant surprises regarding costs.

Our international expertise ensures seamless freight transport including correct customs declarations.

We guarantee quality without compromise through the efficient use of resources and the high dedication of our employees. We maintain the highest environmental standards during our transports.
Our family-run company in the south of Germany (based in the Saarland) has gained an outstanding reputation as a strong service logistics provider. In the destination countries, we work with strong and reliable partners.

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