Together for a miracle – J.S. Logistics Kft. Hungary and Fuvarozói Összefogás (Hungarian Association of Transport Companies) have reached the donation target for Tomika’s gene therapy!

At the start of the new year, J.S. Logistics Kft. Hungary is pleased to announce a remarkable success. As part of Fuvarozói Összefogás, an alliance of over 25 logistics companies in Hungary, we have joined forces to overcome an extraordinary challenge: financing the gene therapy for little Tomika, which is not covered by the Hungarian healthcare system.

The required donation of 700 million forints (1.8 million euros) is a considerable sum. However, the combined efforts of the logistics companies, which are normally in competition with each other, made it possible to achieve this ambitious goal.

Thank you to all the supporters who helped make this campaign a success and spread hope. Through our collective efforts we have achieved something truly great. We send Tomika and his family our best wishes for the future.

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