SV Kirkel starts the new season with the support of J.S. Logistics

It’s that time of year again, when excitement rises on the soccer fields and fans cheer on their teams. For SV Kirkel, the new season begins not only with fresh green underfoot, but also with brand new sets of jerseys sponsored by J.S. Logistics.

J.S. Logistics, a company deeply rooted in the community, has made it its business to support local clubs. The sign of the crane, the symbol of J.S. Logistics, will now be proudly emblazoned on the jerseys of SV Kirkel and accompany the players at every match.

As the SV Kirkel players prepare for the challenges ahead, the entire community stands behind them. With the support of J.S. Logistics and the passion of the fans, we are confident that this season will bring many memorable moments and sporting success.

We wish SV Kirkel good luck in the new season and look forward to many exciting games!

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