J.S. Logistics transports more than 900,000 t per year

Your clients expect you to deliver the ordered goods on time, safely and reliably. As your logistics partner, we ensure that this objective is completely fulfilled so that you can concentrate fully on your core business.

An Overview of Our Logistics Services:

  • Europe-wide LTL and FTL transportation
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Whichever service you select from our portfolio, you can be sure that when you select us, your goods will always be in the best hands. International companies, including numerous market leaders from the automotive, chemicals and consumer goods industries, have for many years been placing their trust in the international competence of this Saarland-based family company.

Every year J.S. Logistics transports more than 900,000 t around the globe. You can find an excerpt of our figures of Germany and Frankfurt below.

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Sender Recipient Total t
Germany France 157,922
Germany Austria 143,945
Germany Germany 136,673
Germany Czech Republic 45,891
Germany Spain 45,703
Germany Switzerland 35,375
Germany Hungary 32,103
Germany Bulgaria 15,715
Germany Poland 4,476
Germany Italy 2,643
Germany Netherlands 844
Germany China 656
Germany Philippines 526
Germany Morocco 604
Germany United States 425
Germany Tunisia 319
Germany Argentina 226
Germany Portugal 221
Germany South Korea 209
Germany India 124
Germany Morocco 122
Germany Luxembourg 98
Germany Slovakia 70
Germany Saudi Arabia 51
Germany Russia 48
Germany Japan 26
Germany Macau 24
Germany Ukraine 11
Germany Lebanon 10
Germany Canada 4
Germany Indonesia 1
Germany Monaco 1


Sender Recipient Total t
France Germany 363.430
France Belgium 156.371
France France 83.532
France Austria 70.132
France Switzerland 4,322
France Netherlands 3.923
France Hungary 1.040
France Spain 997
France Poland 982
France Luxembourg 959
France Czech Republic 431
France Bulgaria 197
France Denmark 158
France Slovakia 146
France Serbia 73
France Norway 47
France Portugal 11
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