J.S. Logistics transports 13.3 million Covid-19 tests from China

J.S. Logistics is supporting Germany in battling the Covid-19 pandemic through the import of antigen tests (layperson tests as well as tests for the professional user). A total of 41,743 boxes containing over 13.3 million tests were imported from China via air freight.

In this, J.S. Logistics has already taken care of the collection from the factory in Beijing/CN and presented the goods to customs according to regulation for export at PEK airport. The strict regulations of the import license according to EU regulations must be fulfilled. In parallel, there was a visual and condition inspection of the quality of the goods.

In the heavily booked months of March, April and May 2021, large batches had to be booked early to ensure that the goods are flown to Germany as quickly as possible (in only 2-4 days). The tests were urgently expected by the federal health ministry to drive forward the implementation of measures to stop the spread of the pandemic among the population.

Multiple cargo Boeing 747s were booked by J.S. Logistics for the high volume of air freight (563.531 kg) in a very short time. In addition to Frankfurt, the freight was flown to some other German airports and airports in Luxembourg and Belgium.

In all of the destination airports, J.S. Logistics took care of the customs clearance and the transfer to awaiting lorries.  The boxes were palleted and then delivered to the customer in Germany. The Covid-19 tests are an additional aid in battling the pandemic and we are thrilled to be part of the solution.

For air freight and sea freight to and from Asia, J.S. Logistics is the logistics partner you can count on. Our service includes all links in the delivery chain and functions on time and securely.

For all transports, by land or by sea – we always take care of all of the customs formalities and any other matters so the burden is taken off of you.

This is helped by our transnational expertise. Only in doing this will you experience seamless goods transport including correct customs declarations. Our family-run company in the south of Germany (based in the Saarland) has gained an outstanding reputation as a strong service logistics provider. In the destination countries, we work with strong and reliable partners.

Are you interested in our services? Contact us directly – we’d love to help you further.

Direct contact by e-mail: sales@jslogistics.eu

copyright Foto Flugzeug: Aero Icarus from Zürich, Switzerland, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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