From the heart of Spain, active for all of Europe – J.S. Logistics Peninsular S.L.

In 2012, the J.S. Logistics group of companies opened its new location in Spain.  The headquarters of J.S. Logistics Peninsular S.L. is in Madrid, the heart of Spain. From there, shipments are organized within Spain and in the most important neighbouring countries (France, Germany, Italy and Portugal).

Under new management since 2019, J.S. Logistics Peninsular S.L. has transacted over 5,500 shipments. The main business of the Spanish branch is in industrial goods shipments, hazardous goods shipments and waste and disposal shipments. In Spain too, J.S. Logistics offers LTL, FTL and Express shipping to the whole of Europe.

The strength of the J.S. Logistics Group is its proprietary vehicle fleet. And our branch in Spain also has its own fleet, consisting of Mega-Trucks and Coll-Trailers. This means that, even in times of crisis, we can remain flexible and guarantee on-time deliveries. You can find more information on our fleet here.

The J.S. Logistics group of companies has over 5 locations in Europe and is thus a specialist in transporting goods all over Europe. You can see all of our locations here.

An overview of our services can be found here.

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