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Exceptional loads are always a special challenge in the logistics sector. A current example of our expertise in the field of special transports is the successful transportation of an oversized welding robot from Germany to the USA. This case demonstrates our know-how and our ability to master complex logistical challenges.


The transport comprised two main components: an extremely large load measuring L 672cm x W 270cm x H 351cm and a total height of 411 cm including the flat rack (FR) floor, as well as a total weight of 17.8 tons. In addition, a 40-foot high cube (HC) container was used for further crates. Both units started their journey in 35315 Homberg, Germany.


SWOP took over the professional packing and securing of the cargo on the flat rack, which was then transported by barge to Unikai in Hamburg. Here, the cargo was handed over to the shipping company ACL for shipment, which transported it from Hamburg to New York on April 11, 2024. The arrival in New York is scheduled for April 25, 2024, from where the transport will continue by low-loader to the final destination of an innovative company from Saarland in the USA.


The transportation route followed a precise schedule with planned stops in various international ports, including Antwerp and Liverpool, before the overseas transport stopped in Halifax and finally reached the USA. Detailed planning and close cooperation with all partners made it possible to get this challenging cargo to its destination safely and on time.


The new welding robot will soon contribute to increasing production for our customer in the USA. J.S. Logistics is your reliable partner for complex logistics solutions, as confirmed by the successful handling of such special transports. We are able to offer our customers precise and efficient solutions.

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