40,000 new flying colleagues at J.S. Logistics

This is truly the largest increase in staff in our company history. We’ve had two beehives from bee-great.de installed at lofty heights in a quiet workplace at the corporate headquarters. Our new 40,000 flying colleagues “work” tirelessly in these. We are ecstatic to welcome our buzzing assistants.

We want to make a contribution to the protection of our environment with the installation of the beehives. A Greenpeace study shows that compared to 1990, the numbers of pollinating flying insects in Germany have fallen by more than 75%. Bees are the supporting pillars of our ecosystem. More than 80 percent of the native flowering plants depend on their pollination.

Therefore, we want to set an example. The mutual mission of J.S. Logistics and bee-great.de is increasing the density of the bee population in the Saar-Palatinate region and beyond. We are actively helping to reduce bee mortality. Since recently, 40,000 bees have been buzzing around in Kirkel – for a sustainable future.

Environmental protection, social commitment and optimised use of economic resources are basic prerequisites for a functioning society and sustainable prosperity. Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept thus aims to put environmental protection, social aspects and economic use of resources in the spotlight and develop strategies to achieve more sustainability in these areas.

Here you will find the current projects and activities supported by J.S. Logistics.

Arrival of our new colleagues.
Orientation at the new workplace.
We extend a heartfelt welcome to our new members of staff and look forward to the results of their workmanship.
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