J.S. Logistics offers the best services for the leading manufacturer on the market, Hörmann

Hörmann, Europe’s leading provider of gates, doors, frames and drives, contacted J.S. Logistics in March 2022. Hörmann products are produced in modern factories in Europe, the USA and in Asia. Due to the worldwide production and the resulting worldwide transport needs, Hörmann searched for another transport service provider.

J.S. Logistics was given the opportunity to prove itself in national and international transport. Currently, three of our vehicles are on the road for Hörmann to transport Hörmann products from Szigetszentmiklós throughout the country. The vehicles were even individually branded for Hörmann.

The first international transports by J.S. Logistics have been happening since October 2022. Special vehicles (with “rods”) are required to safely deliver the tailor-made doors and gates to the destination country. The special feature of the “rod” trailer is that the cargo space can be freely arranged depending on the size of the goods.

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Information on Hörmann:

Hörmann has a total of 38 production sites in Europe, North America and Asia, and together with its sales partners, is represented in more than 100 of its own locations in over 40 countries and in an additional 50 countries through additional partners. Founded in 1935, the Hörmann brand has become a synonym for quality doors, gates and garage doors. There is a ten year warranty on Hörmann gates, and the unique feature of the Hörmann motorised sectional gates is that they are burglar-proof. In addition, Hörmann motors have an automatic lock that offers an additional locking point when the door closes, thus increasing security. Hörmann garage doors are known for their first-class German quality and well established distributor network in Hungary.

Additional information at https://www.hoermann.de/


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