Biomethane: the way to go!
A significant trend to reduce CO2 emissions

The reduction of CO2 emissions is an increasingly important topic in the transport and traffic industry. Beyond pure fuel reduction, measures such as the development of more efficient technology and environmentally-friendly fuels are gaining in significance.

Liquid biomethane as a fuel for trucks provides an important contribution to environmental protection. Large companies are already responding to this trend. For instance, in the future, the logistics companies whose trucks are fuelled by Bio-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) will be preferred for jobs and long-term transport contracts by the specialty chemicals company Evonik.

The company group supports its logistics partners in the search for Bio-LNG service stations or locations where biogas is purified into biomethane or can be made liquid. Evonik is also involved in the expansion of the BioEnergie Park Güstrow biogas plant operated by EnviTec Biogas AG. Here, up to 9000 tonnes of biogas will be purified into Bio-LNG from the autumn of 2022 every year.

As a partner of Evonik, J.S. Logistics advertises SEPURAN Green, a membrane technology by Evonik for purifying biogas into biomethane, on two truck tarpaulins. J.S. Logistics already has multiple LNG vehicles on the road.

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